7 ways to make your stairs stylish

7 ways to make your stairs stylish

I have always had a thing about stairs… I am always looking for stylish stairs to move away from the classic handrail, especially into a modern flat or house. You can play with different materials and finishes, introduce endless stairs or metal patterns. Here there are seven ways to make your stairs stylish in your dream home.

1. Vertical timber sticks

These stairs are modern and elegant. Instead of the classic handrail you will incorporate a module with vertical timber sticks (same wood finish as the steps).. and the result is just amazing!

2. Minimal

The first three steps are without any finish, same as the white wall behind, then all the others are just floating steps in a rustic wood finish.

3. Iron&glass screen

This is a clever solution to support your actual stairs and steps, adding a black metal and glass screen in contrast with your wall.

4. Endless stairs

A clever way to use the space under your stairs (which usually is a wasted space!), Just making the stairs longer!

5. Zen Stairs

The bold black sticks have this kind of bamboo shape, they support the white steps behind.

6. Clever shelving

A clever way to create some shelving on this timber wall for your books or lifestyle decor!

7. Marble&Gold look

Suspended marble steps and metal gold patterned screen is the perfect combination for glamorous stairs!

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