Inspirations: 2020 Interior Design Trendings, Rattan & Cane

Natural Cane and Rattan are back on the home decor scene. These natural material are so trending now along the interior design world. 

These techniques are handmade techniques, it’s all about cane and wickers weaving technique that produces a unique product. 

The trend to create a home atmosphere that feels like a bit of an escape, or a posh 5 star resort, is all over our Instagram and Pinterest posts. 

It has a little bit of vintage feeling as well, as we have already seen this rattan seating detail back in the 1830s. Michael Thonet experimented with strips of veneer boiled in glue until he succeeded in inventing the “furniture made of bent wood” after several years. 

Thonet chair rattan

This furniture piece became so popular that, of the iconic model No. 14, 50 million pieces were produced between 1850 and 1950.

In the 1920, For the architects of the Bauhaus era, the Vienna chair of Gebrüder Thonet represented the ideal of contemporary seating furniture and an expression of the modern spirit. 

Sank into oblivion for a few years, Vienna straw today is not only associated with tradition but it is inspiring contemporary design and has become again very trendy. 

In January I have been in Paris for the Maison&Object 2020 and it was all about rattan and cane! I have posted some of my favourite pictures here.

  1. Furniture

So many companies have tried then to work with rattan textures and natural canes, reaching up a unique result, sometimes modern, sometimes with that vintage feeling. Most of the times the rattan texture has been applied in its natural color to the back of the chair or on the seat, or both!

by Nordal

by Horm&Casamia

Side board, Maison du Monde
Side board, Maison du Monde

2. Lightings

This beautiful rattan texture has been applied also to some lamp shades or to a lighting structure. Bambù straws details, raphia textures next to the rattan are perfect, both are most of the time in their natural color.

Rattan ceiling lights, Maison du Monde
Rattan Ceiling lights, Madedotcom

3. Accessories

Who doesn’t love rattan accessories? Mirrors, candleholders, lanterns…with handmade rattan and woven details.

Rattan mirror, Maison su Monde
Rattan Mirror, Maison su Monde
Rattan and metal lantern, Maison du Monde
Rattan and metal lantern, Maison du Monde