Bathroom: tips, styles and products

Looking for bathroom inspirations? Here some gorgeous bathrooms we designed. Out of every room in your home, the bathroom — regardless of its size — is the only place that can benefit from simple decor upgrades. 

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Bathroom: tips, styles and products

Feature wall lights

Light is a central element in a furnishing project and choosing the right lamp is an opportunity to express one’s taste, personality and creativity. An element of design that enrich the environment and an addition to the furniture and style, wall lamps are the perfect choice to bring a hint of exclusiveness and extravagance to any furnishing style. 

On my radar wall lightings
Bathroom: tips, styles and products


Compared to a normal chair, bathroom stools are a kind of seat with a limited size, easily portable; great to be used as an extra seat when the unexpected need comes. Stools are a versatile, non-obstructive furnishing complement and can be useful in any room of the house, especially in the bathroom, where they can be more of a multi-functional element.

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Bathroom: tips, styles and products

Glam mirrors

Bathroom: tips, styles and products

Storage Baskets

On my radar baskets

Patterned tile for walls and floors

Glazed ceramic or porcelain tiles– Porcelain tiles are generally impervious when they have been glazed and are, therefore, ideal for use in bathrooms. Glass– Glass tiles have a clean, hygienic look and feel. They are easy to wipe over after use and popular in modern homes. 

Fancy Hooks

Fancy Accessories

Fancy Towel Rack

Cabinet Knobs

This post contains affiliate links.