Inspirations: California mood

I have just came back from California after an amazing trip on the road. The gold cost is vibrant, young and sunny. Interiors are fresh, stylish and the mediterrenean influence is strong.

Like the spanish, italian and greek houses, the key factor in californian homes is the light: the floor plan allows for a flow between dining, kitchen and living room.

Photo by AD
Photo by @AliciaLund

Although the spanish influence is strong in the orange county, you can find a pinch of art deco in Silicon Valley, Victorian Houses in San Francisco as well. Modern houses in California are also very popular, with the modern combination of glass and black/chrome steel.

Victorian house in SF
Photo by @BobVila
Art Deco and Modern mix
Photo by @Dwell
Beverly Hills, California
Photo by @realtycalifornia
Beverly hills, California
Photo by @realtycalifornia