Inspirations: Design Week London 2019

Last week there was the Design week in London, the yearly fair that takes place in Kensington and Shoreditch area who attracts deigners, artists, artisans from all over the world. This year the fair was extended into the new Kings Cross Design District as well, where the new Coal Drops Yard is. I really love this new area and the whole requalification concept by Heatherwick Studio that comes with that. 

Photo by @eli.schi

Apparently new Google offices are coming to London as well in that area!

Anyway let’s go step by step. I visited the 100%Design where they were hosting their 25years anniversary in Olympia, in Kensington Area. Find some pictures of the fair below.

Photos by @elis.schi

As I cannot have enough of Design, I visited the Design Fair, placed in Shoreditch in the Old Truman Brewery. This one was the best one! One of my favourite part was the biomaterials section, which was the theme chosen for this year, to focus the attention on their positive contribution to both design and the environment.

1. Fernando Laposse, a Mexican designer, create a veneer sheet from unused corn husks. He called this material Totomoxle.

2. Dutch designer Tjeerd Veenhoven created a leather-like material made of the leaves of the areca palm. The Palmleather, as the material is called, can be used in similar projects as actual leather, like to make carpets.

3. “Chip[s] Board” produced a number of materials, like Parblex Plastics, which are translucent pure or fibre reinforced bioplastics that can be used for interior design. Founded by Rowan Minkley and Rob Nicoll the company Chip[s] Board makes board material from potato waste!

Also, one of my favourite pieces of the Design Fair 2019 was this wooden chair, designed by Marino Maza. The chair, made in Spain, has been made using different layers and various type of timber bent together. See more here

Photo by @eli.schi

Please if you want to see more pics of the fair go on The Interior Work Instagram page.