How to create a dreamy window seat

Today I want to share with you how to create a window seats, even if you don’t have a Victorian window! I have recently move to my new flat in London and I have just created the window seat that I have always dreamt of. It really gives a romantic and cosy touch in my bedroom, framed between my long creamy curtains.

First of all, you need to decide if you will need a bespoke one or one already made. I needed to do it bespoke as my window seat was a bit narrow, it makes me feel it is more a window shelf than a seat! Depending on your dimensions you will need to buy a foam cushion (mine is 250 wide and 1500mm long). I have bought mine from Amazon here but you can really find any size you want. Mine came in a 500×1520 size and I cut it in two, placing one piece above the other to make it thicker.

Shop here your Foam Upholstery Sheet 500x1520mm

Shop here your foam upholstery sheet 500x2000mm

Once you find the most suitable for you in terms of dimensions, you need to choose a sheet to wrap your foam. You can choose the colour that suits best with the colour scheme of your bedroom (and think about your cushions colours as well). Amazon has the most colourful things that you can choose from.

When the mattress is done, you are half way! You will need to choose the cushions, the more, the better! You can choose your cushions according to the colour scheme of your bedroom, and according to the colour of your seat. I have chosen my sheet in a neutral colour (white/grey) and 4 cushions (45x45mm size) with a dark grey pattern. You can find lots of cushions in different shape and colours on Amazon.

Grey pattern cushions set 45×45

Blue pattern cushions set 45×45

Yellow Pattern cushion set 45×45

If you are so lucky to have standard dimension for your window, you can also buy a ready made one:

Bench cushion seat

Bench cushion seat

Hope you liked this post and I am sure that you will have a romantic windows seat soon!

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