Inspirations: Trending Wallpapers

Wallpaper are so trendy today along the interior design industry. They are so trendy that many artists are trying to adapt their artworks into a new format in order to be featured. 

The first things that will probably comes up to your mind are those ripetitive Victorian patterns and motives! The wallpaper history will probably takes you back to the ancient China, where the internal walls of the royal buildings were covered in fabrics, luxury upholstery and handmade wallpapers. They will be then exported from the Asian world into Europe.

We can definitely say that the use of colourful wallpapers is timeless. Today the use of wallpaper is very trendy among the interior design world because it is one of the best way to bring the space back to life and make it unique! Wallpaper patterns, handmade drawings and artworks, colour options are endless! Plain colours, geometric patterns, colourful artworks, nature inspirations, tridimensional pattern…take your pick. 

Most of the time in a contemporary-modern apartment the wallpaper is placed on a wall only, to shape up the room and make it unique. If in the ancient China the wallpaper was in a ripetitive pattern, now the aim is to have a large artwork in your room, with strong and bright colours. I also believe that you can use a nice wallpaper in many ways to create a wow effect in your powder room, closet, entrance. The ultimate trend is to decorate your shower with no wet-wallpaper! 

Many contemporary and modern artists are now working worldwide to adapt their format to create beautiful wallpapers instead. 

Thomas Darnell

My favourite Wallpaper suppliers:


1. Wallpepper

I personally discovered Wallpepper in Milan, they have a collaboration with the Fuori Salone and many artists worldwide. They have stunning pieces of wallpapers, check them out here

Photo by Wallpepper, Modern Jungle designed by Stefano Reolon.


2. Glamora

 Glamora has some stunning wallcoverings, they are unique wallcovering and you can work with them to reach a bespoke and unique design.

Photo by Glamora


3. WallandDeco

WallandDeco is an Italian company, they have a gorgeous wet-wallpaper collection and more. 

Photo by WallandDeco, Niveum by Eva Germani


4. London Art 

LondonArt is an Italian supplier, they have several styles, patterns and prints. They launch a brand new collection in collaboration with Marcel Wanders. 

Photo by LondonArt

Photo by LondonArt