Sprucing Up Your Home Office on a Budget

When you work from a home-based office, comfortable and invigorating surroundings can make you happier, healthier, and more organized and productive. Upgrading your home work space can be done on a shoestring budget using some simple and inexpensive DIY touches. The Interior Work online design center can help you in the process, showing you top tips for optimizing your work space.


Color Your Mood


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Muted colors tend to create an environment of cool, calm serenity, whereas bright colors may be more energizing but can also exacerbate stress and anxiety. According to Psychology Today, while you want a workspace that is comfortable for you personally, learning a little bit about the theory of color and its impact on both mood and productivity can be smart. Sprucing up your home office with a fresh coat of paint in your color of choice is an inexpensive first step for creating a vibrant workplace. Look for an all-in-one product that lets you redesign up your space with minimal cost and effort. Have a look at the tredings colors guide here


Be Comfortable


Your work surroundings should be comfortable, and according to the Ergonomic Health Association, that starts with the right workstation setup. If you have room for some comfortable oversized furniture, it can be nice to get out of your work chair if you’re on a long call, proofreading documents, or working on a project that doesn’t require you to be in front of your computer. You can find some great bargains at discount stores and thrift shops.


If a piece is in good condition, but has a stubborn stain or two that won’t come out, it might be time for a professional  upholstery cleaner. Get a few online price quotes by searching “upholstery cleaners near me” and ask for referrals before selecting a service provider. Avoid working with cleaners who use all-in-one cleaning tools, which tend to be less effective.


Introduce Plants and Lights


You might be surprised how live plants and the right lighting can make your workspace feel extra inviting and comfortable, and keep you connected to nature. If you have access to natural light, use it to its fullest; if you don’t, consider lights other than fluorescent, which can sometimes give people headaches. Task lighting can also be better than overhead lighting. Experiment with what works best for your particular type of work. In terms of adding greenery, not only can live plants add a splash of color, they can improve the air quality of your office as well. If you’re working on a budget, find friends with plant collections and ask to propagate from cuttings.


Upgrade Your Equipment


You might be surprised at how much more efficient and productive you can be by upgrading equipment like your laptop, desktop, smartphone – even your mouse and keyboard! Adding other equipment like a high-quality wireless printer and scanner can also make some tasks easier and less time-consuming. Newer versions of these items support the most recent iterations of technology and applications, all of which have the potential to make you more productive overall. Shop around for deals to ensure you get the best prices. Also remember, these are investments in your business, so even though you have the cost of your upgrades upfront, you can likely deduct their cost when you do your taxes.


Get Organized


Updating an office typically means cleaning out old files, shredding documents, and rearranging things in a way that can actually make you more organized. Whether you use bookshelves, color-coded filing systems, or project and time management software, create a system that works for you. A large bulletin board or whiteboard can also be helpful when it comes to tracking projects and taking notes, and programs and apps that streamline processes like invoicing can also be beneficial.


We all spend a good deal of time in our workspaces, and as such, creating a comfortable and inviting environment is essential. When making upgrades, look for bargains, reflect your own taste, and remember to take before-and-after pictures of any major upgrades. Some changes can add to the appraised value of your home.


Having a hard time designing the ideal workspace? The Interior Work offers 3D interior visualizations, design ideas, and decor recommendations. Visit the site today and get inspired!


Written by Alice Robertson. 

Sprucing Up Your Home Office on a Budget

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