Hotel Tour: The Dixon Hotel London by Marriot

Few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit The new Hotel Dixon in London. The building is dated back to the 1905 and built by John Dixon Butler for the Metropolitan Police of London. You can still see today the initial on the mosaic floor in the lobby (MP).

The hotel has been fully renovated and you can definitely find some “pieces” of the prison age. Infact almost all the furniture pieces in the corridors are restored and brought back to life from the inmates cells. Different types of cell keys are sticked on the lift metal door, crystal handcuffs are hang and hidden into the majestic chandelier.

My favourite piece is definitely the round metal table placed in the hall, in front of the grand stairs. The most iconic places and buildings of London are engraved on the reception table top.

I had a tour of the main suites and I loved so much the colour palette.

Junior Suite

Main Suite

At the ground floor there is the main restaurant, which is in a very eclectic style: different colours and various piece of furniture are combined perfectly together. One of the original cells is placed in the middle of the room and is now the coffee beans storage! The floor pattern of the restaurant is quite unique: the wall cells borders are traced in black tiles into the new flooring!

I walked into the bar and it is not an usual bar, the counter is at the same level of the table: the barista floor level steps down! This is probably because the barista place used to be the judge place in Court, during prison time, and the interior designers wanted to bring the “barista” judge at the same level of the clients.

And then in the end… Cranberry cocktails!