Inspirations: Winter homes

When we are talking about winter homes, the material king is essentially the rustic timber. Those homes called Chalet are warm and cosy, with timber beams and ceiling, soft and colourful cushions, sweet and spicy candles and… enormous fireplaces!

Although chalets were originally the modest huts or cottages that Alpine herders lived in, over time the area became popular with skiers and vacationers, and chalet came to mean “mountainside holiday home.” In Swiss-French, chalet means “herdsman’s hut” or “Alpine cottage,” from the Old French word chasel, “farmhouse.”

I have selected here some features for a an authentic winter chalet.

1. A Big iron chandelier

2. A Cosy window seat

3. A big Rock fireplace

4. A fantastic view

5. Timber stock and rustic bench